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Handcrafted Custom Framing at it's finest

Handcrafted custom cherry wood frame


Having started building  frames from my garage in 2019, I have developed a reputation of building high quality custom wood frames and furniture for my clients.  At NE Custom Framing & Furniture, we are doing things differently than the other frame shops you see around town or online.  We want to offer you a new and unique experience framing the things you love.

Whether it be a photo of your loved one or an expensive art piece you bought at a gallery, your experience picking out a custom frame should be Simple, Elegant, and Affordable.  We are proud to produce every frame customized for you in Neal’s hometown, Ralston, NE.  We truly own the entire process from hand picking each slab of wood at the sawmill to sanding and finishing each frame by hand.  Never are two frames alike.


At NE Custom Framing & Furniture, it is our mission to assist our clients in preserving the things they love.  We strive to create a friendly and easy-going atmosphere to make the experience of custom framing inspiring and relaxing. 



We pride ourselves in superior craftsmanship & attention to detail.  If you are not satisfied with 

your purchase we will always make it right with you.

Love Poster

Custom Framing

Custom picture framing offers a personalized and exquisite way to display your cherished artwork, photographs, or memorabilia. With a wide array of high-quality materials and design options to choose from, you can create a frame that perfectly complements the content and enhances its overall appeal. Experienced framers ensure that each piece is carefully handled and protected, guaranteeing its longevity and preservation for years to come. Whether you seek a classic, contemporary, or eclectic style, custom picture framing elevates your interior decor and transforms your cherished moments into timeless masterpieces.


Shadow & Flag Boxes

Creating custom shadow boxes for custom framing adds an extra dimension of depth and uniqueness to your displayed objects. These specialized frames are designed to showcase and protect three-dimensional items, such as sports memorabilia, keepsakes, and collectibles, in a visually appealing way. With skilled craftsmanship, precise measurements, and a variety of backing and matting options, shadow boxes can be tailored to fit any item and theme, creating a captivating focal point for your space. 


Custom Furniture

Creating custom furniture pieces provides a unique opportunity to craft functional and artistic masterpieces tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Skilled artisans and craftsmen work closely with you to understand your vision, ensuring that every aspect, from design to materials, reflects your individual style. Custom furniture allows for the incorporation of specialized features, maximizing the efficiency and usability of the piece in your home or office.

Wall of Frames

What our clients are saying

"I have made several purchases from Neal.  His talent for woodworking and customer service is top notch. Will absolutely use him again for future custom items and recommend him to anyone looking for hand made local gifts."

Jackie Berry, Omaha, NE


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